Product Overview

Product Overview


Multi-Channel Promotion


Mobile Web Online & Social SMS Live Displays QR Codes

Mobile Web

Event PAGES include:

  • Ability for consumers to enter sweepstakes or contests
  • Inventory for sponsors & sponsorship products
  • Real-time live event feed of fan-generated content
  • Social Media Integration: ‘Like’ brand on Facebook
  • Flexible forms to collect & store data: mobile numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Full event schedules, maps & descriptions
  • Point-of-Sale opportunities
  • Links to mobile-optimized sites or download apps
  • Custom branding elements

Online & Social

Online & Social elements allow you to:

  • Receive & publish tweets & photos
  • Participate in sweepstakes via an online alternate means of entry page
  • Send messages & pictures from mobile devices to online properties such as websites & Facebook via branded widgets
  • Or, use our API to RSS feed content to your own external creative
  • Access an online to version of mobile web-based Event Pages

QR Code

QR Codes allow you to:

  • Scan a QR code that leads fans to exciting content on the mobile web, like Tim McGraw did on tour by giving fans access to his Mobile Event Page
  • Scan a QR code that bounces back exclusive information, like Virgin Mobile did at SXSW to give fans access to their new app
  • Scan a QR code that acts as a mobile ticket for quick and easy entrance

Live Displays

  • Have comments, questions, tweets or pictures scroll on-screen in real-time at your event
  • Configure & brand your own HTML5 or Flash-based live display with our custom Display Tool
  • Or, use our API to RSS feed content to your own external creative
  • Tablet functionality
  • Integration with display systems (e.g. Cisco)


  • Quickly, easily and effectively connect with consumers
  • Send real-time updates, provide direct links to important information, or distribute content
  • Allows for flexible workflows
  • Provides for high volume processing capacity
  • Provides complete carrier coverage