Product Overview

Product Overview


Media & Content

Drive excitement and leads by easily distributing branded items such as mobile coupons, tickets, links to videos or smart phone applications, and more.


Direct Link

Send participants to a webpage or promote a link to sell on Amazon or iTunes. Our Link Response campaign uses URL shortening to deliver consumers directly to storefront.

A direct link is included in outgoing broadcasts to give consumers access to the Red Bull Radar app Keith Urban has used direct links in SMS communication with his mobile fan list to share exclusive pictures, and content


Participants text in to receive a response back with additional information or content.

Rascal Flatts fans text to get a direct link to the tour Mobile Event Guide Concertgoers text to get a free live recording of the show they attend, emailed to them following the concert


Saves time & cost, while adding a unique component to your event. Participants text to receive a QR code or wallpaper that acts as a mobile ticket enabling quick & easy entry.

Attendees of the Essence Music Festival texted to receive mobile wallpaper tickets to an exclusive Coca-Cola BBQ Virgin Mobile created limited VIP FastPasses via QR codes for Lady Gaga fans, allowing them to skip the line & get their picture taken


Build a mobile following and send real-time updates & information to your list. Send a message to your entire mobile list, or you can narrowcast to a select portion.

In association with Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe, Caterpillar encouraged consumers to opt-in for mobile updates at the CON/AGG conference Rock The Vote has attracted over 200k mobile followers by updating American youth on polling locations, election news & more

Content Delivery

Broadcast media (ringtones, wallpapers, full track downloads, etc.) to your mobile list. Send content to your entire list, or narrowcast to select targets. Or invite fans text to receive media.

Coke Essence festival-goers received a commemorative wallpaper after participating in on-site mobile activities Attendees of Virgin Mobile’s Free Fest music event received a commemorative wallpaper after participating in mobile campaigns