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We were happy that we could simplify the process of reliving this night easy by offering the download of the show via Mozes—a true milestone for Umphrey’s McGee. Mozes has provided us with a platform where we can immediately access our fans with up-to-date news, offerings, show information and much more. Having used Mozes in the live setting where fans can direct the band’s musical direction has really given us a closer relationship with the fans. We intend to deepen this relationship as we further the use of mobile interactivity in the near future. This is the first time we were able to offer the purchase of our live show recordings via Mozes, so we wanted it to be for a very special event.
- Vince Iwinski Band Manager Umphrey's McGee
To offer fans an extraordinary fan/band collaborative experience through mobile at interactive Umphrey's McGee shows.

Fans are invited to text their requests for song choice, tone, speed, etc. to in-venue screens - which determined the flow of the band's jam session in real-time. Concertgoers participated in live, on-screen mobile votes to determine which band members they'd like to see 'battle it out', as well as encore song. Wanting to take their mobile innovation to a new level, Mozes worked with the band to offer fans the opportunity to purchase a live recording of the band's 4th of July show at famed, Red Rocks Amphitheater, via mobile.
Over 1,800 fan requests received Nearly 50% audience participation in both text comments & live voting