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Rock the Vote gives young people the tools they need to engage in the political process. Using the Mozes platform gives us the capability to connect with young people where we know they are are--on their mobile phones.
- Heather Smith - President, Rock The Vote
Rock The Vote has always understood that they need to go where young people are in order to help American youth become more politically active. In the past that meant concerts & MTV, now it means mobile. Young people are known for having their phones with them at all times, and Rock The Vote turned to Mozes to help them be more efficient in bringing their message directly to supporters in a way that made sense, in a way that was woven into the daily lives of young people.

Through a variety of interactive mobile activities, such as mobile polling, contesting, user-generated content to screens & web pages and more, Rock The Vote incentivizes American youth to join their mobile database. Rock the Vote poses polling questions on hot topics on the homepage of their website, inviting supporters to voice their opinion by texting their votes in & watching them tabulate online in real-time. Rock The Vote encouraged supporters to text pictures of themselves holding 'I Demand Health Care' signs to branded widgets on where they scrolled online for all to see. Many of Rock The Vote's mobile activities direct traffic to register to vote pages, driving them to become more involved in the political process.
  • Mobile database of over 220,000 supporters they can communicate with regarding voter registration, important dates, voting locations, and more.
  • Over 7,500 supporters texted in their votes to online Poll Booth questions.