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Ford's Sponsorship of the American Idols Live! Tour


Mobile Brand Connections

Brand Mobile List Opt-Ins

1 million
Messages Sent/Received

We developed an opt-in database of almost 70,000 consumers for Ford Fusion, becoming our most successful mobile campaign for database development for an individual brand.
- Brian Bos, SVP, Convergence Director Mindshare - Team Detroit
Activate Ford's sponsorship of the American Idols Live! Tour through live event mobile engagement. Activate Ford sponsorship of the 2009 American Idols Live! Tour by directly connecting fans to new Ford Fusion in positive & relevant way.

Ford ran on-screen trivia games on the American Idols Live! Tour, giving fans the chance to win backstage meet & greets with the Idols themselves. Fans also opted-in to receive ongoing brand communication from Ford & the American Idols Live! Tour.
  • More than 80,000 engaged via mobile across all campaigns
  • 70,000 opted-in for ongoing brand communications
  • Nearly 1 million text messages sent or received