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Mobile Programs Run

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Coca-Cola continues to create innovative experiential brand programs that enhance events and sponsorships for fans. As marketers, our challenge is to balance inspirational and operational marketing, while creating engaging experiences for people. Mobile- based programs will play an increasingly critical role because they allow us to connect with people in exciting, immediate ways with the right message at the right time.
- Sharon Byers Group Vice President, Integrated Marketing, Sports and Entertainment Coca-Cola, North America
Due to the success of mobile programs run with Coca-Cola, a number of its sub-brands including Sprite, vitaminwater, Coca-Cola Zero & Powerade have implemented similar initiatives to engage consumers, collect data and increase the path to purchase. For the first time in over 20 years, Coca-Cola activated their sponsorship of the Essence Music Festival 'Mainstage Moments' via mobile - simplifying their event ticketing process & engaging the crowd at the Superdome in new & exciting ways.

Since June 2010, Coca-Cola has run over 70 mobile programs with Mozes at events including Essence Music Festival, NASCAR 600, SEC football games, the largest Spring Break party in the world & more. Through the use of mobile toolkits, Coca-Cola has been able to activate programs quickly & easily at scale in the field such as SEC football, major league baseball & college basketball. Innovative elements such as Event Guides powered by the mobile web, interactive tug-of-war games and live voting capabilities create positive brand affinity and purchase intent among consumers.
  • Over 23,000 mobile brand connections made in just 2 minutes at Essence Music Festival
  • 17% retail POS sweepstakes entry at Dollar General stores
  • 2:37 average time on Mobile Event Guide by thousands of teens at Coca-Cola Beach Spring Break
  • Two extra hours of branded screen time on the world’s largest jumbotron at NASCAR
  • Nearly 20% engagement with on-screen entertainment at SEC games